Furnace Installation Systems Tacoma, Puyallup, Bonney Lake, WA

Heating Solutions and The Correct Furnace Installation

In order for the proper solution to any heating, or cooling issues, there are several factors to evaluate:

Size of home. A professional heating and air conditioning company can make these calculations. Getting a unit that is too small will overwork the unit, wearing it out quicker and not providing the comfort the home owner needs, anyway. A furnace installation that is too large will be more costly in energy usage.

Number and size of windows, orientation of the home to the sunlight. Exposure of the sun’s heat, through the windows present, will cause daily fluctuations in the environment inside the home.

Availability of fuel. When considering the proper furnace installation, the availability of gas, wood, coal or oil must be looked into. All of the major brands of heating units will have models available for each of these and costs must be evaluated to determine which fuel is most cost effective and provides the feel that is required for the lifestyle the owner wishes.

A furnace installation that changes from one source of fuel to another

Considerations about changing from one type of fuel to another should be looked into if there are large differences in costs, maintenance or storage:

  • Electric heating is usually the most costly.
  • Coal is not always available in every area of the United States.
  • Wood, while it is not as dirty for the home as some people claim, is often expensive, sometimes difficult to maintain adequate supplies, and can take up space for storage the home owner might not want to give up.
  • Furnace installation of non wood units will require the inclusion of piping of the particular fuel to the heating unit. Oil fuel will require different piping than gas units.

Electrical heating units may need the upgrading of the particular circuit breakers used for heating. The heating and cooling company will be able to list any adjustments or modifications to the current piping and ducting that will be needed for each system considered.

Maintenance of the unit should be included in any new furnace installation

All heating and air conditioning equipment, just like a car, must be maintained in order to work properly for any length of time. All home owners must do specific things, such as making sure filters are replaced at least every 90 days and listen for any noises that are irregular, however, professional technicians should be called for the necessary yearly inspections and tune ups. After a furnace installation, a schedule must be established, with the service company, for follow ups.

Furnace installation and all repairs to be scheduled through certified technicians

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